Completed Research Projects

Multi-Physics Sensor Array for Power Electronic Converter Prognostics (2018)

I worked on the development of multiphysics sensor array for power electronic converter prognostics. The aim was to create a sensing platform to quantify the health status of power electronic modules within electric vehicle drive systems, using an array of multi-physical sensors to generate a spatially sparse IMAGE of measurements. This IMAGE consisted of temperature, electrical quantities (V, I, Z), mechanical displacement (wire bond movement/device deformity) at different time scales.

Autonomous Control of AC/DC Microgrids (2017 -to- 2018)

I developed control strategies for autonomous control of AC/DC microgrids with energy storage and power electronic compensators for voltage and/or frequency control. This project focused on the coordination of power electronic compensators in a distribution system.

Distributed Voltage Control and Demand Response (2013 -to- 2017)

I developed an integrated approach to voltage control and demand response in distribution networks by autonomous control of power electronic compensators to increase the number of renewable energy units in power systems. It involved the modelling of distribution systems, distributed generation, and electric vehicles. I studied the effects of high penetration of renewable generation and electric vehicles in a distribution system and how system parameters can be controlled using distributed power electronic converters (with or without battery storage).

Microgrid Protection (2011)

I identified the malfunctioning of conventional protection schemes in islanding mode and developed models of newly proposed protection schemes. I simulated different types of faults in all the protection zones of the system and analyzed the system parameters to identify the possible fault detection methods. Based on the simulation results, I recommended a protection scheme that can meet the protection standards such as selectivity, coordination, and reliability.

Linear Rail Cab System (2009)

I worked in LEA Laboratory (Power Electronics and Electrical Drives lab). I participated in developing a Linear Rail Cab System using linear induction motor technology and supercapacitors/batteries hybrid energy systems.

Empirical Losses in a Transformer (2008)

I developed an empirical formula for calculating stray losses in power transformers using empirical data of tests conducted on more than 2500 transformers in the PEL transformer test laboratory.

High-Frequency Model of a Transformer (2008)

I worked on high-frequency modelling of power transformers to work out lightning impulse distribution in a transformer winding—the project aimed to calculate optimal insulation for transformer windings.

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