Current Research Projects

PhD Thesis: Stability Assessment and Enhancement of Power Systems Dominated by Inverter Based Resources Dominated (2021)

Student: Muhammad Sharjeel Javaid

A modern-day power system is equipped with many renewable energy sources through Voltage Source Converters (VSC). However, severe instability issues may arise due to the high volume of VSC as they make the grid effectively inertia-less and vulnerable to sudden load changes and unforeseen disturbances. As a result, a weak grid fed predominantly by power-electronics dominated energy sources can experience frequent power outages. Therefore, this PhD project focuses on solving the weak-grid instability problem that threatens the sustainable operation of futuristic power systems. The research aims to build system models and subsequently design optimal control parameters on both AC and DC sides of VSC that ensures smooth operation of the power system. The research also targets to develop a coordination strategy among multiple converters to provide highly reliable power operations and market participation.

MSc Thesis: Distributed voltage control in low voltage distribution systems

The operation of power systems is undergoing a paradigm shift from control of only hundreds/thousands of large generators to controlling millions (or more) loads and distributed energy resources. It is necessary to coordinate the actions of these components at various levels depending on the control objective, e.g. voltage regulation is distribution networks. A centralized control approach (as adopted at present) is practically infeasible, necessitating a fully/partly distributed approach with minimal reliance on communication. This project would investigate distributed control approaches (such as in [1]) for power system problems using consensus type approaches or otherwise. The control elements include different types of power electronic compensators, as discussed in [2].
Requirements – Experience in the use of Matlab/Simulink (SimPowerSystems) for modelling of a power system, enrolment in Sustainable Electrical Systems
[1] K. E. Antoniadou-Plytaria, I. N. Kouveliotis-Lysikatos, P. S. Georgilakis, and N. D. Hatziargyriou, “Distributed and Decentralized Voltage Control of Smart Distribution Networks: Models, Methods, and Future Research,” in IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, vol. 8, no. 6, pp. 2999-3008, Nov. 2017.
[2] Z. Akhtar, B. Chaudhuri, and S. Y. R. Hui, “Comparison of Point-of-Load vs Mid Feeder Compensation in LV Distribution Networks with High Penetration of Solar Photovoltaic Generation and Electric Vehicle Charging Stations,” IET Smart Grid, vol. 2, issue 2, pp. 283-292, 2019.

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