Research Experience

March 2021 -to-
PhD Student Supervisor, Imperial College London, United Kingdom
Thesis Title: Stability Assessment and Enhancement of Power Systems Dominated by Inverter Based Resources Dominated
Solving the weak-grid instability problem which poses a threat to the sustainable operation of futuristic power systems
Design optimal control parameters on both AC and DC sides of VSC that ensures smooth operation of the power system
Design a coordination strategy among multiple converters to provide highly reliable power operations and market participation
Aug 2018 -to-
Dec 2018
Post-Doctoral Research Associate (Part-time), Queen Mary University London, United Kingdom
Worked on development of multi-physics sensor array for power electronic converter prognostics for electric vehicles
Created a sensing platform to quantify the health status of power electronic modules within electric vehicle drive systems, using an array of multi-physical sensors to generate a spatially sparse IMAGE of measurements. This IMAGE consists of temperature, electrical quantities (V, I, Z), mechanical displacement (wire bond movement/device deformity) at different time scales
Collaborated with four universities and two industrial partners
Nov 2017 -to-
Apr 2018
Post-Doctoral Research Associate (Part-time), Queen Mary University London, United Kingdom
Developed control strategies for autonomous control of AC/DC microgrids with energy storage and power electronic compensators for voltage and frequency control 
Completed the project on the coordination of power electronic compensators in a distribution system
Provided guidance and supervision to PhD students working in the research group
Sep 2013 -to-
Sep 2017
Research Postgraduate, Imperial College London, United Kingdom
Developed an integrated approach to voltage and frequency control and demand response in distribution networks by autonomous control of power electronic compensators to increase the number of renewable energy units and electric vehicle charging stations in a power system
Reviewed papers for IEEE Transactions on Smart Grids, IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery and IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy
Co-supervised MSc/MEng theses
Sep 2009 -to-
Feb 2010
Research Assistant, University of Paderborn, Germany
Worked in LEA Laboratory (Power Electronics and Electrical Drives lab) 
Participated in the research for the development of a Linear Rail Cab System using linear induction motor technology, and supercapacitors/batteries hybrid energy systems
Jun 2008 -to-
Sep 2008
Research Engineer, Pak Elektron Limited (PEL), Pakistan
Developed an empirical formula for the calculation of stray losses in power transformers
Worked on high-frequency modelling of power transformers for optimal insulation calculations
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