Research Experience

Post-Doctoral Research Associate (Part-time), Queen Mary University London, United Kingdom (Aug 2018 -to- Dec 2018)

  • Worked on the development of multiphysics sensor array for power electronic converter prognostics for electric vehicle applications
  • Created a sensing platform to quantify the health status of power electronic modules within electric vehicle drive systems, using an array of multi-physical sensors to generate a spatially sparse IMAGE of measurements. This IMAGE consisted of temperature, electrical quantities (V, I, Z), mechanical displacement (wire bond movement/device deformity) at different time scales
  • Collaborated with four universities and two industrial partners

Post-Doctoral Research Associate (Part-time), Queen Mary University London, United Kingdom (Nov 2017 -to- Apr 2018)

  • Developed control strategies for autonomous control of AC/DC microgrids with energy storage and power electronic compensators for voltage and/or frequency control
  • Completed the project on the coordination of power electronic compensators in a distribution system
  • Provided guidance and supervision to PhD students working in the research group

Research Postgraduate, Imperial College London, United Kingdom (Sep 2013 -to-  Sep 2017)

  • Developed an integrated approach to voltage and/or frequency control, and demand response in distribution networks by autonomous control of power electronic compensators to increase the number of renewable energy units and electric vehicle charging stations in a power system.
  • Reviewed papers for IEEE Transactions on Smart Grids, IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery and IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy
  • Co-supervised MSc/MEng theses

Research Assistant, University of Paderborn, Germany (Sep 2009 -to-  Feb 2010)

  • Worked in LEA Laboratory (Power Electronics and Electrical Drives lab)
  • Participated in the research for the development of a Linear Rail Cab System using linear induction motor technology, and supercapacitors/batteries hybrid energy systems

Research Engineer, Pak Elektron Limited (PEL), Pakistan (Jun 2008 -to-   Sep 2008)

  • Developed an empirical formula for calculation of stray losses in power transformers
  • Worked on high-frequency modelling of power transformers for optimal insulation calculations