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Inspiration Award – 13/07/2021

This award celebrates a colleague who has inspired others throughout the year, either through the activities they have carried out at work or outside of Department life. The award recognised my skills and knowledge, which immensely helped the Department’s transition to online teaching and learning, and my dedication and ability to inspire others. The details of the award are at the following link:


Teamwork / Collaboration Award – 13/07/2021

I won this award as a part of the second year project design team. The year’s second-year group project was developed in response to the challenge of creating a brand new project that could test the students and develop their collaborative working despite being separated and off-campus. The development side of the team started a fascinating project that challenged our students in a way that we had never done before, and they did this entirely remotely. The project they designed is complex and consists of many different modules developed by the individual student group members from both the EEE and EIE streams and brought together to create a working rover. The details can be seen here:


Nomination for President’s Award for Excellence – 28/05/2021

I was nominated for President’s Award for Excellence in Supporting Student Experience. I received very encouraging comments. But, unfortunately, I didn’t win the final award.


Remote learning gets ready for take-off with a new fleet of lab drones – 17/11/2020

We are setting up a remotely controlled drones lab for the second-year undergraduate students. It will provide an innovative laboratory experience that will enable students to program and control real drones live — from wherever they are in the world. More details can be seen at this link:


Collaboration Award – 14/12/2020

This award celebrates collaborations, which may be cross-team, cross-departmental and even cross-faculty.
I received a Collaboration Award as a part of the Lab-in-a-box Design and Strategy Team. During the pandemic, the various ‘Lab-in-a-Box’ experiments were crucial to remote learning and teaching. Designing these experiments required an unprecedented amount of collaboration and effort to coordinate. The details can be seen at this link:


Teamwork Awards – 06/07/2020

I received two Teamwork Awards, one as a part of the Curriculum Review Team and one as a part of the Remote Assessment Team. The first Teamwork Award recognises the extraordinary efforts of the staff responsible for enabling remote student assessment after the College shutdown. The second Teamwork Award given to the Curriculum Review Team is for their hard work and dedication in supporting and delivering the successful implementation of the new curriculum during the last two years, which has seen the launch of innovative approaches to teaching and assessment. The details can be seen at this link:


HEA Fellowship – 10/06/2020

I received my HEA fellowship certificate today.


HEA Fellowship Feedback – 04/06/2020

I got excellent feedback for the HEA fellowship application that I submitted last month.


CEng Certificate – 20/03/2020

I received my CEng certificate today.


IEEE Senior Membership – 02/02/2020

I received my IEEE Senior Membership plaque today.

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